Our Story

MetaLinkd started when Matt and Isaac were looking for an extra source of income that will also provide value to local small businesses. Isaac’s father is also a small business owner, and he saw the growth potential that he could bring to his father’s business through digital marketing, and he was sure it applied to a lot of small businesses. Matt’s closest friends, John Victoria and Franco Lepe who are both SEO experts, showed him how much value they are bringing to local businesses, as well as the community through their networking efforts.

Our Principles


Our goal is to deliver results, and we keep that as our top priority. We won’t trap our clients into any form of contracts as we believe that our results will speak for itself.


With our educational background in science fields, we believe in making informed decisions based on research and data. We make sure to be up to date with the latest changes in search engines and new tools that we could apply to help our clients reach their goals.


We wouldn’t ever work with someone that slams us with invoices without justification, so we make sure to keep ourselves as transparent as possible to ensure our clients know what to expect from our services. That means frequent updates on that status of our performance. After all, numbers don’t lie.

Our Team


Matthew Ventura


Email: matt@metalinkd.com


Isaac Jeong


Email: isaac@metalink.com

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