Depicting Digital Marketing in Maryland

Why Digital Marketing is a Must in 2019

Why you need to consider Digital Marketing in 2019 Many small businesses find themselves struggling to compete against more prominent corporations. What can a startup do when an established company seems to attract all prospective customers? With much deeper pockets, big companies manage to reach a wide audience thanks to…

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How Does Google Factor in SEO?

What Is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization typically, referred to by its acronym SEO is a process of improving the ranking of a web page on search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby improving the quality and quantity of traffic to that particular web page organically. This statement has three…

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5 Points to Audit On Your Website for Successful SEO

Was SEO Done Correctly For Your Website? Search Engine Optimization can go a long way for local businesses if done correctly. After all, about 70% of users on Google don’t go past the first three results. While the service can be valuable for many businesses, not all agencies deliver on…

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Are Facebook Ads worth Digital Marketing

Facebook Ad Pricing: Is it worth it?

Are Facebook Ads Worth It? Local businesses depend on local advertising to get the word out about their business. This could include local radio shows, local newspaper, and billboards. These methods of advertising have been around for decades, and it had definitely been the prominent method of advertising before digital…

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Building Your Brand: A Guide for New Businesses

Why Building A Brand Is So Important For New Businesses When you are looking to build a business, one of the most important things that you are going to want to focus on is building out your brand. Building a brand is essential for new businesses in order to effectively…

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Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Just Jump Into Content Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are platforms with immensely under priced attention, a statement that is consistently made by the social media guru, Gary Vaynerchuk. What does he mean by this? Simply put, it’s a whole lot cheaper to run ads on these platforms vs print ads on magazines while still having…

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Voice Search Algorithm in 2018

2018 SEO Trends: Understanding Mobile Voice Search Algorithms Voice Search Algorithms on the rise! The way people search for information online is drastically changing. Within the past 5 years there has been a transition from information being searched from a laptop to a mobile device. According to Hitwise, nearly 60…

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3 Misconceptions of SEO and Their Truths

Althouth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t something that will drive conversions for business overnight, SEO is an essential component of a successful digital marketing strategy. With that being said, we wanted to share 3 common misconceptions that non-digital marketers might have regarding SEO. 1. SEO is a one-time adjustment This…

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