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3 Misconceptions of SEO and Their Truths

Althouth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t something that will drive conversions for business overnight, SEO is an essential component of a successful digital marketing strategy. With that being said, we wanted to share 3 common misconceptions that non-digital marketers might have regarding SEO.

1. SEO is a one-time adjustment

This is far from the truth. Just as marketing strategies need to change as consumer behavior changes, SEO needs revamping frequently to comply to the frequent updates that Google makes to ensure search engines are providing better user experience.

Another essential component of having a successful SEO strategy is making sure we are consistent about optimizing the pages and producing content with effective links on a regular basis. The battle does not end after we attain the top spot as others will continuously fight to take the spot.

2. SEO happens overnight

Just as many things that are worthy of investment take time to build, SEO is just the same in that it takes time for pages to start rising in ranks. While there may be some marketing agencies that offer services that guarantee overnight results, their efforts may be short-lived. Search engine optimization is more than just keywords and links: it takes consistent effort of producing quality content and ample adjustment to ensure good user experience (especially on mobile).

3. SEO is all about links

More links does not necessarily mean better ranking on the search results. “What does links have anything to do with ranking?” you might ask. Links help show Google the authenticity of your site, so links from trustworthy sites pointing to your website is a really good sign for Google. However, not all links are effective, especially if they are coming from random sites that have little authority/authenticity, low quality content, and minimal traffic. To put it simply, a single backlink from a highly valued website (e.g. Financial Times) is a lot more effective than dozens of low-quality links from unknown websites. Here’s a good resource from Searchengineland.com to find out more about what makes a link “bad”.

For more misconceptions regarding SEO, check out this blog by SEMrush to learn more about this topic.

I mentioned user experience a few times, and proper web design and structure is essential part of providing good user experience. Check out our last blog post for a few simple fixes for your website design to provide better experience for your clients.


We get it: Search Engine Optimization is difficult process to master. Analyzing your own website for Google Ranking purposes can be even more difficult. In that case you will probably need the service of an SEO expert.

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