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Google Search Engine Matters for Your Business, too

Google search engine play a huge part in all of our daily lives. Whether it’s to fact check what our friends told us over lunch, or to look up a nearby restaurant with decent reviews, Google search engine plays a role in one way or another.

To help our readers understand why Google Search Engine matters to their businesses, we’ll start by breaking down how Google search engine is designed.

Google’s Search Engine Algorithm

Analysis of Search Query

The process begins with analysis of your words used in the search query. Google has developed this system to understand the type of search query you’ve entered by using the latest data on natural language used in modern society.

It also accounts for common misspellings or common grammar mistakes.

The results that the user sees is also largely dependent on how specificity of the question. So, if someone is looking for hours of operation of a local car dealership, Google has a specific method of analyzing the query.

Matching the Search

At this point, Google sifts through web pages that have been indexed to see if there are any matching terms on the web pages. Analysis of keywords takes into account of how often and where the keywords are presented throughout the pages.

Google is responsible for making sure the content that will be presented is reliable and relevant.

Let’s say you search for the term “Auto Repair near me”. Through the search of relevant resources, Google will make sure that the pages meet other criteria, such as image descriptions, model of common cars, services related to auto repair such as break pads replacement. This way, Google won’t be presenting pages that simply says “Auto Repair Near Me” a million times without any relevant information.

Presenting Useful Pages

Google needs to look through millions of pages, and some of these could definitely be spammy with keywords written all over the place without giving any value to the user.

To avoid mishaps, Google takes into account of user experience on the web page, the freshness of the content on the page, the frequency of search terms appearing on the different pages.

Another major component of picking the best resources for the users is trust or authority of the website. If there are other websites that users find to be useful, such as Yellow Pages, link back to the website of concern, Google will tend to place these higher than those who have no backlinks leading to the site.

Of course, people can take the shortcut and link hundreds of sites back to the website, but Google has built an algorithm to detect and flag these types of websites to reduce the probability of users coming across these sites.

User’s Location and History

Getting results for a restaurant in NYC when you’re located in Rockville, MD would not be ideal for any user. So, Google takes into consideration of your location as well as your search history. It tries to understand search queries such as “best restaurants”, which is quite vague, by using location and history of your searches (as well as history of your locations).

Search Results Page

The design and content provided on the search results pages largely depends on the context of the search query. For example, when a user searches for a pair of jeans, the user will see a lot of ads at the top for search terms related to either the type of jeans or the brand of the jeans. The user will also see options presented through Google Shopping.

This is largely different from the results that someone would see after searching for “places to eat near me”. This would bring up a map with local listings of restaurants near your current location.

The search results page takes into consideration of all the points mentioned previously and provides the best experience for the user by providing most useful and relevant information.

Why does this matter for your business?

While there are a small fraction of businesses that may not benefit from search engine optimization, most businesses, especially those that serve the local community, need to think about how their businesses are presented on the online platforms.

People are constantly searching for local businesses that provide products or services that they need through Google, both in text and voice. As we’ve mentioned in one our previous blogs, the number of people using mobile phones and search engines to get the answers they need are continuously growing every year. It only makes more sense for businesses to take advantage of the opportunities provided through technologies such as Google, Facebook, etc.



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