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How to Use Google My Business to Attract Local Clients

How To Use Google My Business For Your Small Business To Attract Local Clients

Google My Business is arguably one of the best marketing tools you can use to promote your small business to local clients and prospects. If you aren’t making use of it, you’re leaving money on the table. This article shows you how you can benefit from having a well-thought and comprehensive Google My Business page.

Keyword Research

First of all, you have to learn how to do basic keyword research. This should enable you to find the best search terms to optimize your Google My Business page for. Ideally, you’ll want to aim for keywords with high levels of traffic and fairly low competition. In addition, they should show a good commercial potential, as opposed to purely informative keywords. In order to find these keywords, you’ll need to use a premium software tool such as Ahrefs and Semrush. The good news is that you can always use the trial version and pay only a fraction of the price.


The biggest advantage of having a optimized Google My Business page is that Google will list it alongside organic results for its most relevant search terms. These business listings are features in a special format, much bigger and more attractive than regular listings. This is the reason why they attract a higher number of Google user to click through to visit the page.
Google can automatically detect whenever their users search for products and services like yours from the same geographical location as yours. In this moment, they serve your business page listing along the organic results, as they know that your business might be able to solve the problem of the web searcher. This is another advantage of using this type of business page to promote your small business. It is very important, because your page won’t show up for people who don’t search from within your coverage area.
Last but not least, a Google My Business page enables you to display a whole lot of relevant information about your values, your mission, and your products or services. You can also add photos of your headquarters. You can offer information about your opening hours, your shipping and deliver terms, and many other things your potential clients might need to know before contacting you. The best off all is perhaps the feature that allows your clients to rate and review your business. This feature alone can bring you more conversions than thousands of dollars spent on Local SEO and search engine marketing.
As your Google My Business page is part of Google’s inventory, it makes sense for them to push it to the top of search in a natural manner. If you were to create an identical web page on your own website, it would take you a lot more efforts to make it rank as high as your Google My Business page. This doesn’t mean you should give up the idea of having a dedicated website for your business. It only means that you should also take advantage of this free and extremely powerful resource Google offers local businesses.


By: Matt Ventura

Google My Business isn’t a daunting task. Analyzing the and encrypting the traffic directed through your Google My Business can be difficult. In that case, you will probably need the service of an SEO expert.

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