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Latest Trends in SEO for 2018

Latest Trends in SEO for 2018:

  • Content & Links

    • Search Engine Optimization has been around since Google and what will help increase organic traffic will always start with great content and reliable links. Here at MetaLinkd we emphasize the idea of putting quality content that is both informative and precise. By trying to use certain key words and phrases too often in website content will cause Google to see the webpage as spam which causes difficulty ranking. Linking is another basic technique to help build authorization and credibility for a website which will help in ranking. Be aware of “bad” websites when creating links.
  • Voice Search

    • With new technology constantly evolving the usage of voice searches has increased substantially in mobile devices and tablets. Adapt to this trend by making website’s content, branding and key words phrases should be voice search friendly. Remember, people do not typically type the same way they speak.
  • Video Marketing

    • There are many pros to video marketing for SEO. The first one is that it helps build authorization in the Google algorithm which will help improve ranking. Secondly, a focus on video marketing provides an avenue to engage site visitors with quality content which will help build the brand in the consumer’s eyes. The only downfall to video marketing is if the video is poorly produced and edited, it will result in the visitor viewing your company and its image negatively.
  • Mobile First Index

With it being only April, these are the current trends in SEO for 2018! As SEO’s we are constantly looking for more trends to help increase site ranking and organic traffic. If you would like to discuss more potential SEO trends email us at 


We get it: Keeping up with the latest trends can be time consuming and difficult. Adjusting your website to cater to these trends can be even more difficult. In that case you will probably need the service of an SEO expert.

Contact MetaLinkd SEO & Digital Marketing ( and schedule a free consultation to determine whether your website is helping or hurting you. Co-Founders Matt Ventura and Isaac Jeong will personally analyze your website and your SEO strategy as a whole. Fill out the discovery page to get the information you need to drive more traffic to your website.

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