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How We Can Leverage Authenticity in Today’s Market

Marketing and Branding is About Understanding Where the is Attention

This speaks truth at many levels. More eyes on your content means more potential conversions. But in this day and age, the competition on social media platforms is insane and this can be overwhelming for many who are just getting started (heck, it’s still overwhelming for me at times, too).

From my experience of creating content for my personal brand as well as other brands, it’s the authenticity and “rawness” of a piece of content that grabs people’s attention.

Breaking It Down

We can simplify the thought process behind maximizing our potentials on our social media platform by focusing on

1. where are people’s attention?

2. how we can get people’s attention organically?

Before we break down those two pieces, it’s equally important to understand how people behave in this market.

Part 1: Giving Value First

First of all, the audience dislikes commercials (maybe even hate) and content that sound more like infomercials than anything.

Let’s think about it, what’s the first thing we do when the commercials come on during a sports game?

We immediately pull out our phones. Why would that be?

My thought on this is that commercials simply do not provide enough value that is worth the audiences’ time.

This brings us to our first point: where are people’s attention?

When a piece of content, whether it’s a blog, video, or audio, gives tremendous amount of value to the targeted audience, people will put all their attention into it.

Not only will they watch/read/listen through the entire length, they’ll comment, share, and promote the content. 

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like free marketing. We wouldn’t pay a penny for an ad in this type of situation. That piece of content will spread on its own.

What was the secret? No secret. It simply gave tremendous amount of value.

Part 2: The Value of Authenticity

People can very easily differentiate when someone is being authentic (or not). It’s a huge turnoff for everyone when people are being inauthentic.

So, how can we show our authenticity through our content or our outreach efforts on social media platforms?

By being authentic, I don’t mean that we should share all of our experiences from our daily lives.

Rather, it’s about being genuine about your actions and words.

Commenting “Hey nice shirt!” on an Instagram post when it’s obviously a picture of the cookies the person made sounds very inauthentic.

Conversely, if you direct message someone and give them a tip on how they could increase the conversions on their website by tweaking the designs (we wrote a blog on this previously) is tremendously valuable and authentic.

People will most likely appreciate your thought and effort of giving them such feedback for free. Not only that, they’ll most likely look through your profile, scroll through all your content, and maybe even click the link to your website.

In the end, you are grabbing their attention organically and building a real relationship with the person.

Final Points

Giving value first is a must. So is being authentic in your words and actions.

While this consumes a lot more effort than running a few ads on Facebook (which is also valuable if done correctly), they will definitely help businesses and brands grow in the long run.

Even though we live in a digital age, we can’t ignore the fact that people will always prefer human interaction over talking with a bot of some sort.


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