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Make or Break Your Career (On Social Media)

The Impact of Social Media Presence

Social Media can be like a double edged sword, it’s important to think through one’s actions before posting online. Social media is a cluster of information that ranges from political arguments, current events, pop culture and more. To a great marketer it’s an opportunity to network, link and stay connected to some of the most influential people. Having not only a strong presence and a positive one will help a company grow. After obtaining information from social media experts (specifically Twitter) here are some tips for social media presence.


3 Things to Avoid on Social Media

Posting Without Thinking

Think before you hit send, says Kathi Kruse​, owner of social media and digital marketing agency Kruse Control. . Many users post obscure or provocative images, inappropriate videos and offensive thoughts on Twitter, she says, all of which can be gravely damaging to a marketing career.

“I’m not saying people shouldn’t have their personal opinions about things politically or otherwise, but what you say and do online speaks for you,” she says. “A lot of people don’t realize that because it’s just the click of a button. But the reality is, you can see [the Twitter post] for the rest of your life.”

For example, Twitter posts can stir up at the worst possible moment—many are archived by the Library of Congress—and will hinder a marketer from obtaining a position. Imagine what backlash most athletes and celebrities get over tweets.

In a business aspect, here at MetaLinkd it is recommended that a non-partisan approach is taken when it comes to political manners. Though someone can feel a certain way towards an issue it is best to keep business and personal separate.


Only Talking About Yourself​

Social Media can be like a small get together and most people hate listening to those who only talk about themselves. Remember that social media is a huge part of branding and followers want to have informative, interesting or appealing items on their feed. Think about what services you can offer to them in all aspects including social media. Try to be innovative, fresh and new when posting content which can include SOME things about yourself.

Janet Fouts, a social media strategist and CEO of Tatu Digital Media, says using Twitter solely for self-aggrandizement is one of the biggest mistakes professionals can make. Instead, marketers should join other conversations and share other people’s posts, especially those who are valuable for their marketing network.

“Respecting the intelligence of other people and sharing their information aligns marketers with the people they respect,” Fouts says. “When they do that, they can really raise their status by associating with people who are super smart.”


Speaking as an Authority If You Aren’t an Authority

Don’t be a know-it-all, says Lissa Duty​, social media coach and co-founder of Rocks Digital. If a marketing professional, perhaps feeling intimidated by the experience of other marketers, speaks like an authority on Twitter when he’s more of a dilettante, other marketers will see through his pretentiousness, Duty says. To make an impact as an influencer is a great goal, but it can’t be forced. One must know when to be a leader and when to be a follower. Constantly be open to learning new information and not just give it.

We get it: Creating quality content for Social Media can be difficult. Managing Social Media and improving brand image can be even more difficult. In that case you will probably need the service of an SEO expert.

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