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Tips for a Young Professional

2017 brought a lot of change into my life as I transitioned to a Young Professional and 2018 hasn’t slowed down either. It has put me in a situation where I had no choice, but to grow in such a short period of time. I had graduated college, moved into a new city  by myself and became financially independent. I got my first post-graduate job and now I help run MetaLinkd SEO & Digital Marketing. This year has flown by and has had it’s ups and downs throughout the entire process. Here are some personal and financial tips to consider for that transitional stage after college – Matt


1. Budget, Budget, Budget

Moving to a new area where the cost of living was substantially higher and being financially independent was a recipe for a financial disaster. After speaking with a lot of other young professionals in the area they recommended me to budget using mobile apps. There are several good ones, but the one that I personally use is Mint. And it’s free! I constantly have to ask myself what I want versus what I need. It’s pretty easy to save here and there. I tell myself that I don’t need Starbucks everyday or I try to buy groceries just for the week so I consume everything before obtaining more. Everyone has different financials goals whether its short term or long term, so save accordingly. Keep track of how much you make a month and how much of that paycheck is going towards essentials such as rent, utilities, groceries, etc.


2. Networking creates future opportunities

As cliche as it sounds it’s not about what you know, but it’s who you know. One suggestion that I would have is to network as much as possible. I’m fortunate enough to be near the Washington DC area, so I have really immersed myself with several opportunities to put myself out there. Even if you’re located in a smaller town there are always opportunities to be taken advantage of. There are plenty of organizations, sports teams, local business associations to join within a community. And if there isn’t, this is a great chance to create one for that community. I joined a young professional organization in hope of looking for a mentor to help guide me through this transitional process post college. I’ve met some really outstanding people that have helped me grow substantially as an individual and get in contact with other people. Other ways to network is using the power of social media. Look into Facebook Groups, utilize LinkedIn and look into other great platforms such as Google Plus.


3. Life is a marathon and not a race

Having a long term patience for your goals is the right mentality to have. No one is going to get a million website views in one day. The process to achieve your goals will take hard work and time. Good results may happen after a couple weeks or months, but great work will occur with years of hard work and dedication. I I had to learn to be OK with where I was in life and to to realize small short term victories are only going to lead to the long term wins. It’s OK to be frustrated at first, just be sure to keep moving forward with your growth and goals.


4. It’s all about balance

My workday week got repetitive way too fast. My days seemed to be a rinse and repeat kind of feeling and I started to feel miserable. It’s really important to be able to balance responsibility with fun.Whether it’s going for a hike or reading a book go find what helps you relax.I highly recommend going to events that are a combination of both. A company Happy Hour where you could potentially meet influential people in your life or an opportunity to unwind on the weekend and give back to the community by doing volunteer work.

Thanks for reading this blog! Here are more resources for saving, spending & investing.


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