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3 Common Website Design Mistakes

Here’s 3 Common Website Design Mistakes we find on our clients’ websites

Website Design is something that takes time to master. Designing a website is something that is meticulous and can be very frustrating. The vision one may have for their website may not always transfer over to the computer screen in the way one might imagine. In my opinion, that’s the true challenge of any type of graphic or website design. When someone starts to being to develop these ideas for a website one may ask – What are the good elements to a website? Look no further, MetaLinkd is here to help provide 3 common website mistakes to help you improve your website.


  • Non-Responsive Website Design

A responsive design is the the most important aspect to website design. Why? Well think about the users who will be viewing the website and what kind of devices they can use. Whether it’s on a laptop screen, a mobile device or a tablet the website needs to be optimized to whatever device is being used.  It’s actually what Google recommends as well. We would recommend designing from websites such as WordPress or SquareSpace since they are mobile friendly. There are also programs that will help you transfer your website to these pages.




  • Search Box nowhere to be found

When it comes to design, users shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when looking for certain things on your website. From personal blogs to business websites a search box is essential for navigation. A visitor could be searching for something that is hidden and can only be found using a search box. So be sure to make it not only readily available, but placed somewhere that is easily identifiable. Google provides a custom search engine creator that you can find here



  • Poor Readability

Website designs should be something that is appealing, but also identifiable. Different fonts can display different personalities which is very helpful for branding, but you don’t want to use too many and you must be careful when deciding between fonts. The font used should be easy to read, typically sans-serif fonts are used for the body of paragraphs. Emphasis techniques such as underlined or bold words can help your website stand out and also get across important information. Alignment or kerning is important as well when it comes to readability, with alignment errors it can cause the user to pay more attention to the font rather than the intended message.




Hope this information was useful and be sure to lookout for more tips to come


We get it: Managing and creating a website from scratch can be difficult. Making the website appealing to Google for ranking purposes may be even more difficult. In that case you will probably need the service of an SEO expert.

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