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Why You Should Use PBNs In 2018

PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) are still viable for SEO in 2018!

PBNs or Private Blog Networks are a collection of blogs or sites often controlled by one publisher, with the goal of building up links within the network as a way to help particular content rank better in Google. PBNs are a popular strategy in the field of Digital Marketing and SEO that many have mixed feelings on. Some believe it’s a waste of time, effort and capital while others believe PBNs are essential for ranking. Our SEO & Digital Marketing experts believe PBNs are an essential strategy to help a website initially get ranked. When used properly this technique will help a website show up on the 1st page of Google.

Here’s why you should use them:

1. Control

WIth PBNs you decide how they will be used. You specifically decide what anchor text is used in each PBN. By properly marketing and strategizing the specific anchor text, how often it is used and where they are used within these PBNs will allow users to create one of the most powerful link building strategies. Another factor that is important is that users will have the ability to find PBNs on their own. Some people think purchasing PBNs is very costly, but with the right knowledge, it’s possible to find them at affordable and great prices.

A convenient factor for using PBNs is if a website gets penalized with a manual penalty, a penalty based on Googles manual review/algorithm, then users can just change the links on their PBNs or delete them as they wish.

If users get backlinking done on websites they do not own and receive a penalty it may be a hassle to remove those links and anchor text.

2. Less Stress/Time Building Relationships

I’m sure it’s something most people have done in this field. Looking for other digital marketing businesses to trade services with, interact with, exchange information with and link building off one another. Depending on the kind of worker one may be, link building may be the more efficient strategy to help rank up content fast. Just in case users aren’t that type of worker, here’s an idea of how to build better outreaching skills for backlinking.

3. Rank Up Faster!

As stated above, PBNs are a great source to have your content ranked on the 1st page of Google! I know most people are asking how, and that’s through the process of using old trusted websites that have already maintained some sort of authority (usually within the same niche of the content) and leveraging them to backlink to the content you want. Most SEO experts have realized that it’s quite difficult to obtain these kinds of powerful links organically or through outreaching to other companies.

Another powerful tool is to know that when purchasing PBNs they do not all have to related to the content that is being ranked. For example, typically if we want a local bakery’s website to be ranked we would look into purchasing PBNs that have to deal with something similar to a cake recipe blog. Actually, if a website has already built enough authority and has a pretty good trust flow, the PBN doesn’t have to be in a similar niche to the content.


Relying on only one SEO technique is NOT recommended. PBNs are useful for getting content ranked quick, but other strategies will be needed in order to keep content ranked high.

Obtaining PBNs be difficult. Ensuring the correct digital marketing strategies have been implemented with these PBNs can be even more difficult. In that case, you will probably need the service of an SEO expert.

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