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Why Website Speed Is Important

Why Website Speed Is Important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most people think that design is the most important aspect to a website. You can have the best looking website, but if the website speed isn’t sufficient how will anyone be able to enjoy the content

In a competitive field where SEO is the top priority for marketers, it’s paramount that you start off on the right foot. Website design will only get you so far, so optimizing your website through SEO practices will result in organic traffic.

Website Speed is Essential

First impressions are important and if your website isn’t loading properly not only will visitors leave your website, but its unlikely that they will return. Lets face it most people have a short fuse when it comes to their patience. They want to be able to navigate a website whether it’s on their phone or through their computer, so it’s essential to make sure the site page is running at proper speed.

More than 70% of the pages recently analyzed by Google in a recent study took seven seconds to load content above the fold.

Websites that functioned below the fold were listed to taking up to ten seconds to load. And on average a website takes about 22 seconds to load. Statistics also say that if a website takes longer than three seconds via mobile the user will exit from the page. Having a website that doesn’t have proper website speed will obliterate your SEO rankings. As page load time increases from one to seven seconds, the chances of a mobile site visitor bouncing skyrockets to 113%.

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Luckily, you can use Google’s test my site tool to increase speed.

Before you’ll have to enter your URL This allows Google Search Console to identify the errors in your web page and tips for optimization purposes.


Once you have entered in your site’s address, click “Analyze.” Then, you’ll be able to view your page’s site speed score for mobile and desktop.

And then you can click on  “Desktop” or “Mobile” buttons to toggle your view.

It’s important to consider mobile view versus desktop because people are more likely to search things up on their phone.

Obtaining an optimized mobile and desktop website can be difficult. Converting that into a website with a fast website speed might be even more difficult. In that case, you will probably need the service of an SEO expert.

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