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Why Digital Marketing is a Must in 2019

Why you need to consider Digital Marketing in 2019

Many small businesses find themselves struggling to compete against more prominent corporations. What can a startup do when an established company seems to attract all prospective customers? With much deeper pockets, big companies manage to reach a wide audience thanks to their ability to advertise on different marketing channels such as television, billboards, and print ads. But small businesses can achieve the same by using digital platforms. As 2019 nears, it’s high time for startups and small and medium enterprises to leverage the power of digital marketing to build brand awareness, drive targeted customers, and boost sales.

Digital Marketing has been implemented over the past couple years.

Click below to watch clips from Gray Vaynerchuk  on why he believes Digital Marketing is important back in 2017.

Here’s why it is still just as important today!

Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization

Gone are the days when consumers had to flip through the pages of the phone book to contact the businesses they want to transact with. In the digital era, all it takes is a few clicks to find information on the web. According to Google, which enjoys nearly all of the search engine market, one-third of their organic searches are related to location. This means that their users are eager to use their search engine to find businesses, products, or service providers near their area. Capitalizing on this trend can be just what small businesses need to generate more foot traffic to their brick and mortar stores.
Setting up a website marks only the first step in search engine optimization. On-page and off-page SEO techniques must be employed to bring out the true ranking potential of a website. By creating a solid site structure, optimizing for the right keywords, and increasing the speed and functionality of a website, a small business can create a lasting image in the minds of their target customers. SEO proves to be the fuel that SMEs need to sit on top of Google’s first page, allowing them to reach a vast online audience.If you are looking for more information on the basics of Search Engine Optimization, be sure to check out for more details on how digital marketing and SEO can be implemented into your marketing strategy. You can trust your faith into MetaLinkd SEO & Digital Marketing, the top Digital Marketing Agency in Rockville, MD and a up and coming Maryland SEO Company

Building an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Driving traffic to a website is one thing, but grabbing the attention of visitors is a different story. A website that ranks number one on Google may prove useless if visitors leave the site soon after landing on it. This issue can be avoided by creating a content marketing strategy. In the online world, it’s all about delivering the information customers need. Many business owners make the mistake of simply selling their products or services. Being overly promotional without adding any value makes the perfect recipe to turn off customers.
Through content marketing, businesses can show their target audience why they’re worthy of their attention. With countless other companies competing for the same set of eyes, it’s imperative to stand out in the busy online landscape. Figuring out where the potential customers spend their time online allows small businesses to reach out to them and deliver the right kind of content depending on the platform. Other than traditional blogs, small businesses can upload enticing videos on YouTube, high-quality infographics on Pinterest, and professional photos on Instagram.
All this should work in cohesion with the search engine optimization campaign of the small business. Paid advertising methods can also be used to further improve online reach. Facebook and YouTube ads, for instance, are popular ways to increase online exposure. Including these widely used digital platforms and being consistent with SEO and content marketing effort gives small businesses a fighting chance against the biggest names in their industry.
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